Nicole Cooley



“Garden in a Bottle, New Orleans” and “Marriage, Objects,” The Coachella Review, 2017

“The S&H Green Stamp Book” and “The Mannequin in the Mourning Dress at the Exhibionn” Tupelo Quarterly, 2017

“Visionary” Brain Mill Press, 2016

“Marriage as Rock Quarry,” Marriage as Light Socket,” “Of Marriage, Of Glass Gardens,” Narrative, 2016

“Floating Island,” Boston Review on-line, April 2016

"Whipped Carnation Rainbow Candy" and "Vintage 1969 Mattel Baby Tender Love Doll," The New Orleans Review

"Of Shock," The Academy of American Poets, Poem-A-Day, January 19, 2016

“At The Museum of Childhood, Bethanel Green, London," The New Orleans Review

"Air Raid Precautions Warden Doll, London 1944" and "The Terrorist Doll from Chiapis," Tinderbox

Self Portrait in the Backyard as Mother" on Plume Poetry

"Posture Board, England, 1820" on The Missouri Review

"Borrowed Stolen Owned" on Drunken Boat

"Of Marriage: A Sequence" on Construction Literary Magazine

"Marriage: A Daybook" on

"Compendium of Lost Objects"

"The Flood Notebooks" on PEN America


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